Stevie French

Just to give you an idea…

Stevie French

Will there come a day in our lives when we 100% no longer worry about pimples?!? I beg and plead…

This is my 100%, no joke, works-every-time, swear-by solution to spots….

SIDE NOTE: I got a major zit while traveling in December (airplanes or something? I don’t know…) and so when I got to my mom I did this overnight and she was sooo shocked in the morning – I know that sounds like some bull bloggers use for click-bait but I only mention it because the thought of her face still makes me chuckle 😀

For more info on the Optiphi Active Facial Cleanser visit or email

To getting up on the right side of the bed 😉



P.S. Besides for the obvious above stated reason here is a full review on the Optiphi Facial Cleanser (one of my all time favourites)



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