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Just to give you an idea…

Stevie French

I have been in London for a little over a year (yikes) and that means I have gone without my regular optiphi® facial for just as long (double yikes!!). So what are the benefits I’m missing and how am I coping on my own? Let’s break it down…

The facial I used to have:

I was pretty religious about my skincare (prevention rather than cure) and would have an optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Peel every month or so. It combines the regenerative capabilities of glycolic acid and intensely hydrating active ingredients (so you get all the rejuvenation with none of the side effects generally related to chemical peels).

It’s an incredible treatment that kept my skin unbelievably clear, smooth and fine-line free. It’s also very hydrating and restorative (something not generally used to describe peels) – undoing the effects of general day to day damage from the sun, makeup and pollution.

What I’ve been doing in their absence:

Firstly, I’ve had to become a lot more disciplined with my treatment plan and ensure I make time for regular ‘out of my routine’ additions.

Enter the optiphi® Muslin cloth – my saving grace (retailing for R186)

This little cloth is so simple and SO effective – it might be in my Top3 optiphi® favourites of all time. It has the most unassuming texture but will completely transform your skin after a single use.

It is designed to be used with your cleanser to lift & remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and provide visible radiance to the skin.

It can be used up to 4 times a week (depending on your sensitivity) – I use it about twice a week. As I get in the shower I lather my optiphi® Active Cleanser and leave it on my skin. Then at the end of my shower I wet the cloth, apply a small extra amount of cleanser onto the cloth and then use light circular movements over my entire face (avoiding my eyes), neck and declotage and rinse with warm water.

Once out the shower I apply wither my optiphi® Revitalizer, Infinity Serum or Moisture Control Ultra Cream.

Have I noticed a difference since stopping my facials?

Unfortunately, yes 🙁 there has been a slight increase in the fine lines on my eyes and my forehead and I am much more affected by my monthly hormone cycle than I was before. It’s probably more than one factor (I am living in a different country, drinking different water and eating different food) but these are just some observations.

That said, my ‘bad skin day’ is still not bad. A pimple is now out of character for me which I completely credit to optiphi®.

So here’s to making my calendar till our next trip to SA and that can’t-come-soon-enough optiphi® facial 😉



DISCLAIMER – I have had one optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Peel in the last year and that was in April in Hermanus at Lotus Health and Beauty by the gorgeous Nadine.

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