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Stevie French

I didn’t set out to write a ‘Six Months in London’ post – I only realised as I went to hit ‘PUBLISH’ that it’s been six months (to the day) since we moved. So please read on knowing this wasn’t a pre-planned ‘What I have learnt’ diary entry 😉


An international move isn’t easy (hello Alaska) but it can give you great perspective on your priorities, broaden your world view and help you grow the fu …up.

While this move was planned and actively pursued I can see now that it still left me a little shell shocked. I went from being very connected, busy and, if I’m honest, comfortable to very much – not – in the space of a few weeks. Through the rollercoaster of breakdowns and self-doubt to small successes and what often felt like one step forward two steps back I think I am now on the other side and (we can only hope) the wiser for it.

So let’s lay it out…

Since moving to London late last year I have:

  • Taken the whole ‘I’m awesome at what I do’ outlook down a peg (or two)
  • Seriously questioned my life goals (and how these relate to career goals)
  • And of course, maxed out my credit card at the Zara New Year’s sale (…oops)

I’ve also become a championship football fan, eaten my weight in pub burgers and started to really enjoy walking – adapt or die people.

But, I suppose, more importantly I have learnt:

  • To stop making excuses and acknowledge that any stall in progress is most likely due to my own procrastination
  • That realizing you’re not as awesome as you thought you were only leaves room for improvement
  • And that I am now in a big pond and should, therefore, learn to swim like a big fish

Because really, really….my (hopefully former) moments of self doubt, insecurity and uncertainty were with me long before my departure from O.R.T.

Perhaps it’s because of this new perspective, and yes, having a little more time on my hands, that I’ve been able to really look at what I create and what I love and figure out how these two parts of my life can fit together.

If anything, the greatest thing about your life is that it is your life. If you don’t like it, you can change it. If you think you’re not good enough, learn something new and get better! It’s not quick, it’s not easy and it’s sure as hell not comfortable. But rainbows and silver linings don’t come without a bit of a storm.

To 2017 To Us,




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