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I know I haven’t been very active on my website over the past few months and I really apologise for that! I think there’s been so much change in my life and I’ve had to completely adapt my routines and the way I approach my schedule which has definitely resulted in a decline of the creative 🙁 but I think things are starting to level out so I hope I will be back with you on a more regular basis sharing my thoughts and adventures in London 🙂

SOOO on to Miss Poppenghul…

I am sure you’ve seen me posting about Moonlight and Magnolias which I am currently appearing in at Putney Arts Theatre. Set in 1939 the play follows the screenplay rewrite of Gone With the Wind and touches on the social and political events of the time whilst remaining sharp, fast-paced and really very funny. [Read more about the play here]

We opened to a sold out audience and have been at capacity every night since 😀 which is why I haven’t been encouraging people to buy tickets *monkey covering eyes emoji*

I am so excited to be back on stage (it has been A WHILE 😉 ) and to be reminded how a live audience plays such a big role in performance, how the play feels different every night and, of course, how much I love comedy.

Hope you are all having a marvelous March and I look forward to sharing much more in the upcoming weeks!

Keep up with me on social media (@StevieFrenchSA on everything) as I’m being a little better there 😉

Happy Friday!!



My incredible costars Ed Tout, Ben Grafton and Liam Hallinan

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