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Stevie French
  • I have been in London for a little over a year (yikes) and that means I have gone without my regular optiphi® facial for just as long (double yikes!!). So what are the benefits I’m missing and how am I coping on my own? Let’s break it down… The facial I used to have: I was pretty religious […]

  • This rip… Made this burn 🙁 And aside from all the posing, picture taking and rip-jean-skin burning…the cricket was great, the weather was beautiful and we had an awesome time 🙂 oh yes, and South Africa won *boom Till next time, S Xx  

  • My first Rugby7’s in London!! And it did not disappoint! We had such fun watching the games, supporting South Africa and Scotland AND I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition to ride on the Samsung Slider – 4 seats, built in to a sliding rail alongside the pitch that moves with the game […]

  • Overnight in Oxford

    May 1st, 2017
    Overnight in Oxford

    What happens when you only realize it’s a long weekend as you hit the weekend? Well if you’re me you plan* a last minute trip to Oxford! *By plan I mean have really organized friends who coordinate like a BOSS and let me arrive at the station with my bag 😉 We booked some rooms the night before and set […]

  • Will there come a day in our lives when we 100% no longer worry about pimples?!? I beg and plead… This is my 100%, no joke, works-every-time, swear-by solution to spots…. SIDE NOTE: I got a major zit while traveling in December (airplanes or something? I don’t know…) and so when I got to my […]

  • FIRST OF ALL… I know I haven’t been very active on my website over the past few months and I really apologise for that! I think there’s been so much change in my life and I’ve had to completely adapt my routines and the way I approach my schedule which has definitely resulted in a decline of […]